Uromag is a food supplement based on citrato of potasio

It´s indicated to help in the treatment of calculosis of different etiologies, thanks to its ability to help dissolve kidney stones debido a la mayor solubilidad del alpha uric and cystine and the inhibition of the stone formation phases (nucleation, aggregation) by storage of calcium.


Food supplement based on potassium citrate.

  • Kidney stones of different etiology (urates, calcium or cystines);
  • Increased need for potassium (hypokalemia, dehydration, high protein diets, physical stress with heavy sweating, muscle cramps, etc.).

 1 sachet per day.

Product based on potassium citrate.

Product based on potassium citrate.

24,95 (VAT included)

Table of nutritional content / Average content in 1 sachet

Ingredients Quantity in 10ml *%NRVs
Potassium citrate
2809 mg
/ of which potassium
1008,4 mg

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values