CRANBERRY PLUS is a food supplement based on blueberries with a standardized content of proanthocyanidins bioactive para contribuir a la protección natural del tracto urinario

Cranberry is traditionally used in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

PACRAN ® is a patented dried cranberry extract obtained from the whole fruit of cranberries and contains a complete range of active ingredients with standardized levels of bioactive proanthocyanidins, as well as other important components of cranberry such as phenols, organic acids, fiber, fatty acids, proteins and sugars.

It has been clinically shown that the intake of 500 mg of PACRAN ® as a daily supplement: Helps and contributes to the normal maintenance of the health of the urinary tract

Cranberry Plus is recommended to maintain the health of the urinary tract by helping to reduce the adhesion of bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract and therefore contributes to the maintenance of normal health against recurrent urinary tract infections.

 For more information, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Adults, 1 capsule, twice daily with meals.

Whole cranberry extract; jelly; thickener; microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agent; silicon dioxide; magnesium stearate; Colorant

30 capsules.

Nutritional content table

Active ingredients 2 capsules (0.818 g) *%DRV
Whole cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) dry extract 50: 1, min. 1.5% proanthocyanidins, PACRAN ®
500 mg

*DRV (Dietary Reference Values) have not been established