For the treatment and recovery of skin lesions that require a regeneration process.

Aquaderm Cream is a product indicated for the application in cases of cutaneous discontinuities where it helps in the natural regeneration of the skin. 

The epithelial regeneration properties of Aquaderm they result from its components, each of which promotes epithelialization through specific processes. 

Rapid epithelialization contributes to the prevention of extracellular components that cause the presence of scars and keloids. 

The composition of Aquaderm Cream makes it unique for the treatment and recovery of skin damage associated with superficial irritations, skin dryness and other situations that require restoring the continuity of the skin; It´s also indicated for mixing and formulating (with cortisone).

  • Vitamin A: favors the reproduction of epithelial cells and this particular formulation is hydrophilic based for its quick and easy absorption, despite its lipophilic nature. Aquaderm Cream contains 400,000 IU of vitamin A, a high amount to take advantage of its maximum benefits.
  •  Allantoin: is an organic molecule with purine characteristics, found mainly in cells with regenerative functions. It´s a natural healing agent that promotes and accelerates skin generation processes, thus reinforcing the proliferation of epithelial cells, improving the activity of vitamin A.
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5): acts as an agent that enhances the epithelialization and regeneration of the skin when it loses its continuity in processes such as irritations, flaking, redness, chafing and at the same time ensures a high absorbency of vitamin A.
  • Aquaderm 2%: composed of moisturizing ingredients, it´s a strong moisturizing agent that softens rough skin, improving its degree of hydration.

Cream in aluminum tube of 30 gr.

Apply a thin layer of the cream on clean skin until completely absorbed. For external use only.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Made - Packed in EU

8,50 € (VAT included)