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Our Ideas, Our Values

Innovative technology - Provides high precision and accuracy.

Incredible experience - Easy to hold and use.

Reliable Accuracy - Consistent quality in every batch.

Innovation is our value.

This revolutionary test strip is an innovative adaptation that meets the gold standard * in clinical diagnostics and testing. Integrated gold biosensors allow for stable point-to-point current conduction which, in turn, provides glucose readings with excellent accuracy.

* YSI® Blood Glucose Analyzer with ± 2% accuracy deviation.

1. Pull the handle

The single-layer injection molded handle makes the strips durable and easy to hold.

2. Integrated gold biosensors

Inside each strip are electrochemically stable, barrel-plated gold biosensors.

  1. Glucose in the blood diffuses and is oxidized in the enzyme layer.

  2. Se producen señales electroquímica.

  3. The signals pass through the BPAu electrodes (Au = gold) to produce electrical current that results in the proportional result of the glucose value, this value is displayed on the glucose meter.

3 Characteristics of BPAu Electrodes

High biocompatibility

Improves the stability of the immobilized enzyme.

High conductivity

Reduces current consumption and increases biosensitivity.

High ductility

Ensure consistency on each strip.

Incredible experience

Exceeding expectations

Throughout our development process, we keep our end users at the forefront of our minds. Problems faced by the elderly, such as poor eyesight and the needs of medical personnel, were priorities. We spare no effort to optimize the material, structure and function of our strips to provide users with an excellent blood glucose testing experience.

Easy to hold

The knurled handle is easier to grip. The front and rear are easy to distinguish to help those with poor eyesight.

Easy to use

The large, solid strips and side-insert design make it easy to insert the strips into the meter.

Without pollution

The lateral insertion ensures that the fingers never touch the blood sample.

Reliable precision

Delivers readings you can trust

Our strip design offers improved precision and consistent performance to help users effectively manage diabetes.

Advanced band design

Durable injection molded strips that take advantage of a cable-free design to prevent transmission losses.

Short test path

The short path ensures that the electrochemical area is stable and provides fast and accurate results.

Automatic coding

Eliminates the need for manual coding and offers maximum precision.

Strip pattern Glucometer model

Max strip

Max plus (GM772)

Max (GM770)